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Nurse Essay Conclusion

All my life I enjoy helping others and putting a smile on their faces, in their time of needs. I have always devoted myself in assisting others with their cares and that is why I wanted to continue in perusing my education in finishing the Registered Nurse (RN) program and also go into becoming a Surgical Nurse, too.

While in high school I became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), where I identified and evaluated problems. Also, managed the patient census and allocated staff assignments. Moreover, while in high school I also spent most of my afterschool time volunteering at hospitals like Baptist and Mercy. Where at Baptist hospital I was a Unit Clerk Secretary for 9 years and then transition to many other departments (Ecology, Pediatrics, and Critical Care) within the hospital, taking on other positions and skills. I made it my business to involve myself in the hospitals, rather than hanging out and spending time with friends. Seeing the smiles on my patients faces, bring such delight in my life.

Furthermore, as I experience the medical field even more, I expanded my skills, too. That is when I received my License Practitioner Nurse (LPN) certification, in the year of 2000. I came from being a Certified Nurse Assistant to working as a Field Nurse, assessing the needs of the patients, providing direct patient care and also keeping adequate documentations and continuously communicating with other nursing professionals, doctors, and the patient's families to ensure the patient's care. Other responsibilities include enforcement of the agency's policy for investigation of known and alleged acts of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and other complaints. Another position, in which I held, is as a Floor Nurse. I performed a number of skilled care practices including changing dressings, administering medications and teaching patients how to navigate the hallways and utilize the facility equipments. Also, staffed nurses in a 220-bed facility with the responsibilities to care for patients with gerontological issues, providing support for their families and exhibit motivation and dedication by providing the highest quality of care to each patient. In addition, I also went into Private Duty Home Health Nurse, where I provided with professionalism and compassion integrating the patient's medical and emotional care with the environment of health care facility. And I also, received certifications for Ventilator Care, Telemetry, Phlebotomy, Basic Life Support and CPU.

Becoming a RN and a Surgical Nurse, will bring me such satisfaction because it gives me the opportunity to help more people with health issues, where I can have a major impact on helping them have a healthier life. I do understand that the career path that I have decided to peruse will not be easy, but I am determine to continue to put smiles on patients and their families faces or just give them the ease of knowing that they are in good care-even when dealing with hard circumstances. Being a RN and a Surgical Nurse does not mean more money for me, yet it means that I will be a major aspect and necessity in many people's lives. In my view, the nursing field is the most respected profession-they dedicate their time in helping the sick and ill. Even at times it means taking from their own personal life with their families. Through my whole life experiences in the medical field, I always envisioned myself in continuing in helping others and the nursing program is the best option I see myself in. I have been given a talent in caring and I am determining to use it to the advantages of helping others. In addition, the way the human body functions and its effects of the environment, drugs and genetics just fascinates me, inclining me more towards in perusing a RN and Surgical Nurse degree. Then there is the shortage of nurses. Not all facility and hospitals are staffed with many nurses for patient's to receive thorough attention from their nurses for their health needs. So, I would like to alleviate the pressure from those nurses and become a nurse myself, in helping with the patients. My help will not be needed only in the care facilities, or hospitals, but also while I may be traveling, and eating at a restaurant-anywhere. Nurses are needed everywhere and I want to fill in an open spot in the nursing field.

In conclusion, being a RN and Surgical Nurse is far more than just a job, but a continuous embark of bravery, daily for me. It gives me the opportunity on life's changes in other people. Just touching the lives of others is true treasure, that makes my heart filled with so much riches, regardless if my assistances was noticeable or not. Entering in the nursing profession brings integrity and compassion, it is a privilege which measures out my values as a human being and the responsibilities granted to me with the precious gift they call, "life".

I'm going to make some corrections, so please practice typing these sentences again after you see the corrections:

All my life I have enjoyed helping others and putting smiles on their faces in their times of need.

I have always devoted myself to assisting others with their concerns, and that is why...

Becoming a RN and a Surgical Nurse will bring me such satisfaction, because it gives...

In my view, the nursing field is the most respected profession-they dedicate their time in helping the sick and ill.----I think you can do better with this sentence. Many professions are dedicated to helping the unwell. You can discuss a particular philosophy of nursing or a particular quality that makes it unique.

...always envisioned myself continuing in helping others, and...

...drugs and genetics just fascinate...

In conclusion, being a RN and Surgical Nurse is far more than just a job;it will be a continuous expression of bravery for me.

:-) Nice ending!! I'll add AND, though:
Entering in the nursing profession brings integrity and compassion, and ...


Starting Sentence Option 1: What exactly is a nurse? A nurse [covers a lot of ground/wears many hats] in a day, but [he/she] is the one who is always there when you’re in need. Nurses [thesis statement] and in this paper, we’ll take a closer look at what is expected of [a nurse/these health care professionals].

Starting Sentence Option 2: Nurses are what [keep the hospital functioning/make the world go round] and they are often depreciated for it. If people really [knew/understood] what nurses do, they would be far more appreciative. Nurses [thesis statement].

  • Nursing is a profession dedicated to helping people.
  • Nurses provide the majority of primary care in a hospital.
  • Since nurses see the patients so much,they are the ones who catch most issues and report them to the doctor.
  • A nurse must be knowledgeable in medical skills, but also have excellent people skills.
  • Nurses are the go-between for the patient and doctor.

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International Council of Nurses


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