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Egg Drop Lab Essay


1. A parachuter who increases the time by bending his knees when landing
obsorbs the force exerted by the ground. By increasing the time they will in return decrese the force and not get hurt!

2. An air bag in a car increases the time it takes a person to
potentially fly forward. This increase in time lowers the amount of
force exerted on the person and can definately save a life!

3. A spring floor used in cheerleading and gymnastics is another real
life application of this concept because the time is increased due to
the force the springs obsorb which decreases the force being exerted on
the cheerleader or gymnast. Now the athlete will not hurt their knees or other body parts.

4. When you ride with a punch you increase the time which decreases the
force exerted to your body from the opponent. This could save you from
painful injuries!

5. When a football player wears padding, the person is increasing the
time and decreasing the force if someone were to tackle them. The
padding obsorbs the force.

6. When catching a football you can increase the time by extending your
arms out and bringing the ball to your chest. This decreases the force
and likelihood of a jammed finger!

7. ATV's, four wheelers, and dirtbikes all have shocks so you can
increase the time and have a decreased amount of force resulting in a
smoother riding experience.

8. When shipping items, objects usually break in the process. To
correct this people pack the objects in bubble rap because of the air
pockets which increase the time of impact decreasing the force exerted
on the object. This means there is less of a chance the object will not
crack and potentially shadder!

9. Shin guards in soccer increase the time of impact which decreases
the force a foot or soccer ball may cause to a leg. Since the force will be decreased the soccer player will have less bruises.

10. Playgrounds now use chopped tires instead of mulch. These tires are
rubber. Therefore, they are a softer material which act as a padding if you
were to fall off of playground equipment. The chopped tires increase the time
of impact and decrease the force since they are more of a cushion to
land on compared to mulch! This could save a child from breaking an arm or spraining an anckle.


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