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Wenner Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Fellowships

Online Application Instructions: Dissertation Fieldwork Grants

Read about how to write a grant proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: The official application form for the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant has been revised to reflect recent changes made to this program. All applications must be submitted using the most recent application form (clearly marked with the deadline date on the front page) OR APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR REVIEW.

Official “Dissertation Fieldwork Application Forms” and required attachments must be submitted using the Foundation's online application submission procedure, which uses a third-party platform, Blackbaud/Microedge’s Internet Grants Application Module (IGAM). (Read their privacy statement here.)

If you are experiencing difficulties making an Online Application Submission, please consult "Troubleshooting Online Application Submissions".

If it is not possible to submit your application online because of inadequate internet access in your country of origin, you must notify the Foundation at least one week before the deadline to arrange to submit an application by conventional mail. (applications@wennergren.org). Please note: application forms that are e-mailed or faxed to the Foundation will not be accepted. Please refer to the application procedures for details and guidelines about the information requested in the application.

In addition, one printed copy of the application form and required attachments, PLUS four (4) printed copies of the application form only, must be sent to the Foundation This material must be postmarked by the application deadline (and received by the Foundation no later than two weeks after the deadline) or your application will not be reviewed. If you have already read the following instructions click on one of the links below to:

Instructions for preparing and submitting an online application

Preparing and submitting an online application is straightforward, however the Foundation suggests that you print out the following guidelines to help you through the writing and submission process.

  1. Download the official Dissertation Fieldwork Application Form Applicants must download and complete the official Dissertation Fieldwork Application Form. This form is a Microsoft Word 2003 document, which allows individuals to fill out information within the form and save it to their computers.
  2. Create a User Account: After clicking on the “Begin a new Dissertation Fieldwork Grants application” link at the bottom or top of this page, individuals will be directed to the “Log in” page for Online Applications and asked to create a User Account. To create a User Account, individuals will be asked to enter an e-mail address (which will be used as the account ID), and a password. Once the User Account has been created, applicants can begin filling out their online registration information. This User Account will also allow individuals to:
    • Save unfinished submissions and return to complete them later;
    • Review the content of submitted applications.

    A e-mail including the confirmation of your password will be automatically sent to the e-mail address supplied. The confirmation e-mail wil

    l also include a direct link to the User Account login page, which applicants should save for their records. They are also encouraged to save the direct link to their User Account in the “Favorites” folder on their internet browser.

  3. Save and Edit Submissions: Applicants can save the information they have entered online by clicking on the “Save & Finish Later” button located at the bottom of each page.
    • Clicking on the “Save & Finish Later” button will take applicants to their User Account home page.
    • Once in their User Account home page, applicants can see saved information listed under the “Open” heading.
  4. Access or Delete In-Progress Applications: On the User Account home page, applicants can resume work on in-progress submissions saved in an earlier session, and view the contents of applications previously submitted.
    • To access in-progress submissions and continue the application process, applicants should click on the relevant link listed under the “Open” heading, in the “Application Name” column.
    • Applicants can also click the Delete link under the “Action” column to delete partially completed submissions. Note that once deleted, information cannot be retrieved.
  5. Return to Online User Account: Individuals who have already created a User Account can return to their accounts either by using the direct link included in the User Account confirmation e-mail, or by returning to the Dissertation Fieldwork Grants Application page on the Wenner-Gren website, where the “Access the Online Application” link is provided at the bottom of the page.
  6. Required Attachments: Applicants are required to attach the following documents to their online application.
    • Dissertation Fieldwork Application Form
    • Project Bibliography
    • Applicant's Curriculum Vitae
    • Supervisor's Curriculum Vitae

    These documents must be in a format compatible with Microsoft Word 2003, or as an Adobe PDF. Acceptable document formats include “.doc”, “.txt”, “.xls” and “.pdf” extensions. Be sure to select the corresponding “title” from the dropdown list when uploading your attachments, otherwise the application process won’t recognize you’ve uploaded all required documents.

  7. Online Submission: After applicants have attached all required documents for the application, they must:
    • Click on the “Review and Submit” button located at the bottom of the last page of the application.
    • Once clicked, applicants will be taken to a single Review Screen, which will list all responses and confirm that the required documents are attached.
    • After verifying all information and attachments have been provided, applicants must click the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the page to complete the submission process.
  8. Printed Application Materials: After submitting the application form and required attachments online, applicants must send one (1) printed copy of the application form and required attachments, PLUS four (4) printed copies of the application form only, must be sent to the Foundation to complete the filing process. Application materials must be postmarked by the application deadline (and received by the Foundation no later than two weeks after the deadline). PLEASE NOTE: PRINTED APPLICATION MATERIALS MUST BE PHYSICALLY MAILED TO FOUNDATION OFFICES. APPLICATION MATERIALS SUBMITTED BY FAX OR E-MAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  9. Notifications: All notifications will be by e-mail. We strongly advise you to include "applications@wennrgren.org" and "fundingdecisions@wennergren.org" in your e-mail contacts to insure receipt of these notifications.
    • Once submitted, applicants will receive an e-mail confirming that the submission of their application was successful. This e-mail will include a complete copy of the information entered directly online and a list of all attachments. Applicants are encouraged to print this out and save it for their records. Please note that it is not possible to use your User Account to track the progress of your application through the review system.
    • Stage One notifications: If you have not heard from the Foundation by August 1 (for the May 1 deadline) or March 1( for the November 1 deadline), please contact the Foundation for information on the progress of your application.
    • Stage Two notificaitons: All applicants will be notified regarding their applications at least two weeks before the next application deadline (October 15 for the May 1 deadline and April 15 for the November 1 deadline). Again, contact us if you have not received an e-mail by these dates.

We also encourge you to follow us on Facebook (wennergrenfoundation) and Twitter (@wennergrenorg) where we will inform you when we send out the Stage One and Stage Two notifications.

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Download the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant Application Form

Primary Sources of Research Funding

National Science Foundation: Archaeology

National Science Foundation: Cultural Anthropology

National Science Foundation: Law and Social Science

National Science Foundation: Biological Anthropology

Social Science Research Council program for dissertation proposals

Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowships

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research Dissertation Fieldwork Grants

Additional Sources of Funding

Albright Institute for Archaeological Research (Near Eastern Archaeology)

American Institute of Indian Studies

American Academy in Rome

American Association of Physical Anthropology Pollitzer Student Travel Awards

American Association of University Women

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Eastern Europe

Digital Innovation Fellowships

Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships

American Primatological Society

American Research Center in Egypt

Archaeological Institute of America

Brennan Foundation Andean Prehistory and Ancient Mediterranean

Center for Latin American Studies travel grant (UWM)

Conservation International
http://www.conservation.org/how/pages/funding-conservation.aspx see also Conservation International/Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation; Contact: Russ Mittermeier

Council for European Studies (CES) Pre-dissertation Fellowships and Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Jack Kent Cooke (graduate study for individuals who demonstrate overall excellence and unmet financial need)

Dumbarton Oaks List of Funding Opportunities in Precolumbian Studies

The European Research Council

Ford Foundation Fellowships

Graduate Women in Science

Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship

Heinz Foundation Grants for Latin American Archaeology

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Historical Archaeology Funding Sources

International Primatological Society

Irish Archaeology Grants

Jacob J. Javits Fellowship

Josephine deKarman Fellowship

Kellogg Foundation

Lambda Alpha Fellowships

Leakey Foundation

Lemmerman Foundation Rome/Roman Culture

Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies Dissertation Completion Fellowship for Humanities and Related Social Sciences

National Endowment for the Humanities

National Geographic Society

Rotary (graduate study funded in conflict resolution, peace studies, and international relations)

Smithsonian Institution Fellowships and Internships

Society for Industrial Archaeology

Soros (graduate study by immigrants or first generation Americans)

Truman (graduate study leading to career in government, education, the non-profit sector, or the public interest/advocacy sector, with the aim of improving the conditions of society)

UK Archaeology Awards

Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Additional sources of information about grants

The American Anthropological Association also maintains a comprehensive list of funding sources including postdocs and professional grants

The Archaeological Institute of America maintains a current list of non-AIA grants of interest to archaeologists,

The GRANTS.GOV website maintains a searchable database where you can look for “Anthropology and Archaeology Funding”

The UWM Graduate School maintains a list of external fellowships available to graduate students

UWM “Researcher Central” website. Click on “Finding External Funding Opportunities”

PIVOT (formerly, Community of Science), available to UW-Milwaukee affiliates

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