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Disney Case Study Answers

Essay about Walt Disney Case Study

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The Walt Disney Company
The Entertainment King

I. Executive Summary
After analyzing the Walt Disney case, we found that the root issues include the need to increase revenue to reach the 20% growth target set by upper management and to expand into new markets and/or industries. We used a Porter’s Five Forces analysis to develop our alternatives (Please See Exhibit A for further information). The alternatives that we proposed were to expand globally and enter the Internet and cable distribution industry. We analyzed these alternatives against a set of selected criteria including: the time to implement, how the alternatives fit with Disney’s corporate culture and corporate synergy, if the alternative would provide a competitive…show more content…

We believe that Disney’s root issue at hand is its declining growth and revenue due to loss of market share, and that one of the ways it can deal with this problem is moving into the cable provider realm by acquiring or merging with one of the large cable providers of today. However, since Disney would most likely merge with one of the largest cable providers, this would affect the time it would take to implement the merger and integrate itself with the other company. Since Disney already owns several television networks such as The Disney Channel, ABC, and ESPN, it has the means and know-how to compete in the cable industry, so there are many overlapping interests with Disney and a large cable provider. This would prove to be very helpful on the account that Disney actually merges with a provider because it should not be as hard to transfer their competencies from one to another. The time it takes to fully implement the merger should be shortened by the fact that these competencies exist, and it should also help to make the integration of the cable provider with Disney easier. We can use the time to implement and integrate as a criterion of how successful the merger would be by comparing it to other known mergers that have taken place recently

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